Plasmamash company specializes in the development, design and manufacture of equipment for plasma
and oxy-fuel cutting of metals.
The company has 20 years of experience in the production and supply of equipment for heat treatment
of metals.
The range of products offered includes:
— plasma cutting machines for various purposes;
— cutters and plasma torches;
— portable machines for cutting pipes and sheets;
— CNC thermal cutting machines;
— Slabs and blooms cutting machines;
— metallurgical oxygen cutting machines of large thickness;
— installation of plasma heating and spraying;
— gas supply systems;
— filtering installations;

NORD-ATM Oxygen Cutting Torches
for Continuous-Casting Machines (CCM)

Our oxygen cutting torch (hereafter “cutter”) is designed for automated machine separation
oxygen cutting of 50-500 mm thick low-carbon and low-alloyed steel elements using
temperature betw. 20-1,100 ˚C including non-stop operational cycle with the torch cutting
machines of continuous-casting machines (CCM).

The cutter is fueled by natural or propane-butane gas. Purity requirements for oxygen used for cutting should be at least 99.5% as per ISO standards.

The cutter design is based on the principle of in-nozzle mixing of fuel gas and preheating oxygen using ultrasonic narrow-jet cutting oxygen lancing technology.

The cutting jet lancing speed is approx. 530-550 m/c or 1.8 M (Mach number) which ensures high cutting speed, narrow cut width, low dross generation, high quality crosscut face, and overall high durability of the cutter in complicated operational conditions.

The cutter can be used both with dry and water-cooled nozzle, which significantly increases its longevity compared to similar European products. The cutter’s nozzle structure allows cutting steel elements without preheating the edges, as well as ensures fuel mixture burning both in operating and pilot flame modes.

The cutter is manufactured in several variations compatible with torch cutting machines (TCM), continuous-casting machines (CCM) and continuous-casting plants (CCP) of all types and manufacturers. It is also interchangeable with Ge-Ga, ALBAand ATM cutters.

Plasmamash cutter characteristics match those of world’s leading brands and surpass many metallurgical cutting torches in low-oxygen-volume consumption and narrow cut width.

Our cutting torches have been tested at a number of metallurgical plans and demonstrated high reliability, cutting quality and extremely narrow cut width (3-6 mm on 150-315 mm slabs).

Our cutters utilize the NORD-ATM® narrow-jet supersonic cutting technology, which ensures high quality and narrow width cutting of both standard 100-400 mm slabs and blooms at temperature 20-1,100 ˚C and heavy thickness ingots up to 1,500 mm with low-pressure oxygen cutting at 2.5-3.5 bar.

Technical characteristics of the cutting torch for the CCM® of the NORD-ATM brand

The NORD — ATM narrow — jet supersonic cutting technology is implemented in all types of Plasmamash gasand plasma cutting equipment—continuous billet cutting machines, console and portal-console machines for cutting thick ingots, scrap cutting machines, portable slabs and blooms cutting machines, surface
gouging and metal stripping machines, samples and templets cutting machines, and pipes and sheet cutting machines.

Plasmamash provides a full scope of services including the design, development, manufacturing, assembly and commissioning of the whole spectrum of gas-oxygen and plasma equipment for cutting steel elements betw. 1-1,500 mm
in thickness.